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Super Fan Friday - Niko Leigh

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Greetings all you lovely fans, Andrew back with a long overdue Super Fan Friday and this time we have a treat for all you cosplay lovers. ?

Without further ado, I bring you Niko Leigh!

Name: Niko Leigh

Cosplay pages: FB; Royalspacefish Cosplay | insta: royalspacefish

photographer credit for Elk pics: FB; faunry photography | Insta; faunryphoto

Country: USA

Occupation: non-profit work (Civic Engagement Program Developer)

Hobbies: cosplay, video games, makeup art, petting my cat

Dislikes: sweets, bad plots in games, cold rain

Favorite anime/cartoon/movie: This is too hard to pick. In the moment I'm really into Boku No Hero Academia and Bungou Stray Dogs

Favorite game of all time: Although my youth belongs to .hack// my favorite game of all time (currently) is probably Dragon Age Inquisition. I've played that game over 10 times so I guess I like it a good amount.

Favorite CC2 game of all time and why: original .hack// original run. I can't pick just one because the plot expands over all of them making them one complete game!

Best CC2 game memory: Going through the small easter egg after you beat Quarantine where Mia and Elk end up reunited. Learning that Elk's player stays in the game for future .hack// games and stay together is also very cool (though I don't want to give away too many spoilers if they are considered spoilers still!)

Hidden Talents: I'm writing a poetry book that should be self published ...eventually

Picture explanation: (I'm not sure which you will use but since I provided a lot of Elk I'll write more about Elk!) I dabbled in cosplay a little but didn't really apply myself until a friend asked me to be her Kite. Since making Kite two years ago I've been really active in cosplay. I finally pushed forward and finished my all time favorite sad .hack// boy Elk in April of this year. Props have been a challenge for me so making Elk's shell like wavemaster staff head out of a block of glued together insulation foam was a big feat. I ended up really enjoying it even though it was very time consuming. Learning to resin gems was also very new to me. It's been a bit of a journey but I'm glad to finally be cosplaying my favorite .hack// boy as .hack// meant so much to me growing up! Now that I know more about props I'm looking to remake Kite this year and maybe someday make Ovan!

Dream/Aspiration in the future: for my career path it's passion and non-profit based (LGBT+ youth education and homeless prevention)

For cosplay, I really want to learn how to make bigger and better props. Ovan is another dream cosplay of mine and I'm hoping with the revive of GU I can get other people to cosplay with me!

We'd like to thank Niko again for sharing their gift with us!

Let us know what you think about Niko's awesome cosplays and show some love in the comments.

Until next time ~ Andrew





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