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Famitsu Questionnaire



Famitsu also has a 10 questionnaire for you about the majority of .hack; incl fav series, character, story, etc. Your answers might be published in their magazine. Deadline is April 30th 2022.


#dothack #ドットハック


1. Please tell us the series-related titles you have played in the ".hack" series of games (multiple selections are possible).
.hack // Infection spread Vol.1 ~ Absolute siege Vol.4
.hack // GU
Guilty Dragon Sin Dragon and Eight Curses
.hack//New World
.hack//G.U. Last Recode

2. What is your favorite game title? Please also enter the reason.
·Title name
・Reason (within 50 characters)

3. Please tell us your favorite characters. Please also enter the reason.
·Title name
・ Character name (up to 20 characters)
・Reason (within 400 characters)

4. What is the most memorable part of the series through gameplay? Please enter the reason and episode.
Example) About stories, characters, systems, monsters, etc.
·Title name
・ Reasons and episodes (up to 400 characters)

5. What is the appeal of the game series? (Multiple answers allowed)
Exhilarating action battle
Party organization with a high degree of freedom
Characters with rich individuality
A scenario depicting a character who boldly confronts a mystery
Adventurous music
A world view where you can enjoy the duality of virtual and real in an online game
A mail system that makes delusions go
The stage of a fantasy royal adventure
・ Others (up to 30 characters)

6. Please tell us the series-related titles you have read or watched in the related books and animations of the ".hack" series (multiple selections are possible).
".Hack // SIGN" [Anime]
".Hack // Liminality" [Anime]
".Hack // Twilight Bangle Legend" [Manga / Anime]
".Hack // AI buster" [Novel]
".Hack // CELL" [Novel]
".Hack // XXXX" [Manga]
".Hack // Alcor Overture of the Defeated Army" [Manga]
".Hack // 4 Koma + Gag Championship" [Manga]
".Hack // Another Birth Another Birth" [Novel]
".Hack // ZERO" [Novel]
".Hack // Roots" [Anime]
".Hack // GU" [Novel]
".Hack // GU +" [Manga]
".Hack // GU TRILOGY" [Anime]
".Hack // Quantum" [Anime]
".Hack // Quantum +" [Manga]
".Hack // Quantum Heart Twins" [Novel]
Beyond Dot Hack Sekai [Anime]
".Hack // Inscription of twilight" [Novel]
".Hack // Link Knights of the Twilight" [Manga]
".Hack // GU The World" [specialized magazine]
"Gildora G Guilty Dragon-Sin Dragon and the Eight Curses-A GAG CONCEPT" [Manga]
"New Testament Novel" .hack "" [Novel]
".Hack // bullet" [Novel]
・ Others (up to 30 characters)

7. Please tell us your favorite related books and animations. Please also enter the reason.
·Title name
・Reason (within 200 characters)

8. What does ".hack" mean to you? (Within 100 characters)

9. If you have a message for the production team, please write it (up to 100 characters).

10. Write your pen name (up to 20 characters) ※must

(If the real name is entered, anonymity or initials will be written together).
* It may be published in the magazine.



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