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Player Trading and Stats increase!



Players can now trade items and GP in between each other! To use this feature, simply do /trade playername and then the other player can accept or decline the trade! If you close the window without ending, you can do /trade open to reopen the window!


  1. Other Player
  2. Other Players Items they've put up for trade
  3. Other Players GP they've put up for trade
  4. Your Player
  5. Click to add items to trade
  6. Click to add GP to trade
  7. Confirm your side of the trade
  8. Mark yourself not ready
  9. Unconfirm your side of the trade
  10. End the trade

    Player stats have also been boosted and mob stats have been tweaked a bit as well. No more getting one shoots from Mythic and higher mobs! Energy and Mana have also got a boost.


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