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There has been a many of revisions I been meaning to make to DHN. Originally in 2012, I wanted this community to be a hub for all the other dothack projects people were working on. Slowly by time, they've died off, disappeared, repurposed themselves, and almost all are but gone now. Rather as of this year there's a small handful left around i.e. CyberConnects2, Fragment Resurgence, GENESIS, .hack//UNIVERSE, .hack Brasil, The World Next Era, .hack//Speedruns, and a few more who's activity is up for debate. Regardless, you can probably guess someday they too will loose interests and fade away unless BandaiNamco gives the ok to breathe new life into the series once again. But not holding my breath for that day. In the meanwhile, I been shifting DHN into being the central home, the last bastion, for all the fans new and old and to find and help those who have yet to learn about the series some support. If dothack's IP official is killed off, I'd like DHN to be the home for all dothack discussions and activity rather spreading the waters even thinner than it's currently at.

With that, I've began looking around at the state DHN is currently sitting at. How often the social media platforms are used, the activity of our discord chatroom, the usefulness of this site. People's opinions of social media has gone from nonexistent, to the bread and butter of peoples daily lives, and now to question their privacy and security of certain platforms. And that insecurities have shown on our fans on those platforms. Which is why I want to bring the site back. Should the day Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube be gone the days of Myspace, Google+, VINE, Mixer, Skype, etc... that with this site, we'll always have a home to come to. I can not take the chance to put everything we've worked on, to a social media that one day goes non-existent due to public opinion or disinterests, corporate buyouts, government boycotts, or whatever else that could lead to a social media's demise. But I can always control the content and longevity of my own site.

In addition to re-focusing here on this site, I've decided to build from the ground up a brand new role-play site for dothack. I've started this idea back in October, and the initial few days I put some work into it. But with the holidays and travel, I haven't had time to continue the pace. But as I've mentioned, I will be putting more efforts into the RP site, this site, and a few new (back-burner ideas) productions for Dothack Network myself rather relying on others and just being a hub that points people to content, and having us being the content.


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