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Possible New .hack Game for the Nintendo DS

Icy Garnet


While doing my usual routine of checking .hack sites for news and information, I ran into some interesting stuff. It was found on the CyberConnect2 Japanese website, featuring a big COMING SOON icon on the main page.

When you click on it, you will see an interesting picture that resenbles the world of .hack, with some familiar job classes. I will keep you updated on this, and hopefully more information will become available.

Click the link below to view the page where the image is.


Also, here is a cropped image of what looks to be Kite in the picture.


Edit: It also appears that this may also be a sequel to the Tail Concerto game, with Kite thrown in the image as a cameo (special appearence). Although this may be the case, lets keep our fingers crossed.


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