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Introduction to .hack//Quantum

Icy Garnet


.hack//Quantum is the latest dot hack installment from Kinema Citrus studio. This will be a 3 part OVA, with the first DVD releasing November 2010 – January 22, 2011. The first DVD will feature one episode and a 16 page booklet, as well as special features such as special footage, bonus CG animation, character commentary and more.

Quantum revolves around adventures in a fictional online game called The World, the characters Tobias (Top right, Balmug look-alike), Mary (Top left, BlackRose look-alike), and Sakuya (center) form a party and embark on a high-difficulty-level quest in The World R:X. This will be the same 'World' shown in .hack//Link released for the PSP.

Bandai Namco Games announced at last September's Tokyo Game Show that a full-CG anime project from Bandai Visual would tie into the .hack//Link game. .hack//Quantum is in fact NOT the mentioned project, so fans can look forward to yet another full CGI film in the new year.


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