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The World R:Craft 2017



Soooooo what has been happening with The World R:Craft? A TON!



We've found a mod that allows us to replace the character models with the actual models ripped from IMOQF and GU, they just need rerigged for the MMD format which I'm still learning and translating a ton of guides is making it go super slow.




I've even found a way to convert the maps being ripped and rebuilt for the VRChat The World maps into Minecraft worlds saving me soooooooooo much building time. Here we have as follows Carmina Gadelica, Fort Ouph, Lia Fail, Mac Anu from IMOQF, and Mac Anu from GU! This allows us to save the time of scaling, building and getting ton of back ground buildings built and more time detailing.


I've also began a process of importing the skyboxes as models but I am facing the same issues as below.


I've also found another model that allows me to render in models ripped from the game as a block, allowing us to use the IMOQF gate for those fields, the GU gates for those fields, NPCs instead of Steve models, and even the ships in the harbor! As for the last photo there, that is me testing loading the world itself, a bit without textures that's why it's purple and black, though I am being limited by Minecraft's render as if you move from the source block, the city derenders. I am working on possible workarounds for this.


However, should that fail, I've also began work on converting the ingame textures into the games included texture pack like so.

If anyone has any questions, free to ask away.



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