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  1. .hack//Vol. 1 LG Telecom ez-i

    This is the 2004 flip phone game .hack//Vol. 1 produced for the LG Telecom line of phones ez-i. Developed by Mobile Entertainment Net21 in South Korea, published by GAVA Plus and licensed by Bandai of Korea.

    To play this game you will need to download J2ME Loader on an Android device or Android emulator (example BlueStacks). This is a short turn based RPG game programmed by Keun-Ho Kim, designed by Sung-Hwan Yun released in April 2004.
    For best gameplay, set your J2ME Loader settings on this game for the following.
    Screen Options 120x240
    Font Options 9, 13, 15
    Input Devices Key Mappings (adjust controls to what you like such as WASD for arrows)


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  2. Guilty Dragon

    Guilty Dragon Promotional Video.mp4
    Virtual reality world that was born as a utopia, "The World".
    Long ago to crack, sin dragon of relief that splattered all over the world.
    I come out to journey to find the "relief of Legend" for saving the world.
    Now, a new era RPG begins.
    [Game introduction]
    ■ while competing with other players, and Save the World!
    Players while traveling the vast world, will continue to collect a piece of to save the world "sin dragon (sins flow)".
    And compete with other players, it is possible to continue to strongly themselves, you will be able to approach the relief of the world overcome the mighty boss.
    ■ Let's make the strongest deck by collecting the card!
    You can advance the adventure, get the card called unit by win the battle!
    Let Tsukuriageyo the strongest deck with a combination of your favorite card.
    ■ strong force battle drawn by 3DCG!
    In card battle will be drawn battle scene of strong force by 3DCG. By his own alter ego that was enhanced unfolds the bold move of great power, you can produce a exhilarating battle.
    ■ Next Generation Guild Battle appearance
    Enemy guild cooperation with online buddies and real-time battle!
    It is possible to get to various positions in the guild battle. As soon as the way the fight you!
    ■ equipment changes and character custom
    Their characters are also drawn with 3DCG, like face, hairstyle of course, weapons and armor can also be changed. While enjoying a variety of combinations such as cool armor and cute clothes, you can see how he will become more and more strongly.
    During delivery for free
    ※ There is some paid items.
    (1) Recommended Model and, concerning the operation of other than the recommended OS version, it will be outside the scope of support.
    (2) With your usage, even the recommended models might operate is unstable.
    (3) for the recommended OS version, even if you have described as "AndroidXXX or more", not in the one that necessarily correspond to the latest version.
    [For the latest recommended models and other inquiries]

    [ Inquiries about this product here]
    [ NAMCO BANDAI Games official site ]
    (C) .hack Conglomerate
    (C) 2012 BANDAI NAMCO Games Inc.


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  3. New World

    New World Introduction Video.mp4
    ◇A full-fledged 3D RPG from Yoshiyuki Sadamoto x CyberConnect2 x Bandai Namco Entertainment◇
    The latest information is being sent on the official Twitter account!
    ▼ When you start playing, you will receive an S rare “Twilight Hero Kite” as a gift! ▼
    The main character, who lives in the reconstruction city "Maku Anu", meets a lonely girl with silver eyes in the darkness. The girl's voice evokes the secrets hidden in this world, and grants the protagonist her forbidden powers...
    [Game introduction]
    ■Collect friends and solve the mystery of the hidden world! !
    A bounty head, a silver unicorn, an encounter with a girl who has lost her memory... As the hero of this world, go on an adventure with your friends and challenge the mystery of the world!
    ■Battle that progresses in real time!
    Battle progresses in basic auto. Interfere with your opponent's attacks by repeatedly activating your special moves, and unleash powerful super special moves!
    ■ Player creation and equipment change
    Your character is also drawn in 3DCG, and you can change your favorite face and hairstyle, as well as weapons and armor!
    ■ Organize the strongest party!
    Organize your favorite characters and create the strongest party.
    [Recommended operating environment]
    Android 4.2 or higher, RAM 2GB or higher
    (1) Recommended models and operations other than the recommended operating environment are not supported.
    (2) Depending on the customer's usage conditions, operation may be unstable even with recommended models.
    (3) Regarding the recommended OS version, even if it says "Android 4.2 or higher", it does not necessarily correspond to the latest version.
    [The latest recommended models and other inquiries]
    [Click here for inquiries about this product]
    [Bandai Namco Entertainment Official Website]
    ©.hack Conglomerate ©2015 BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.


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