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  1. .hack//fragment Cheat Table for PCSX2 1.6

    This is my custom made CT tables for Cheat Engine to be used with a vanilla/unmodified copy of .hack//fragment on PCSX2.
    Load up PCSX2 and run the game like normal Load up Cheat Engine, click File > Open Process, choose PCSX2; there will be two, either works. Open the file from this download extension .ct Go into OFFLINE Mode, do not use these while playing in ONLINE Mode, don't worry, your character data will transfer over fine between Offline/Online. Get into The World and go to the root town. In the Cheat Engine screen, click on the value for "Your EXP", whatever your current EXP is will be here, give yourself 1000 and press enter. Your character will have just leveled up by +1. You can change 1000 to whatever you want, note that each level is 1000, so giving yourself 15000 will make your level 1 character, level 16. Do not exceed 27000, the game ignores certain larger values after 27,000 but you can repeat process till you get to level 99 The same can be done with your offline NPC's on your party, but they must be in your party to work. Also you can change your GP, or gold points, in the game. Good luck have fun!


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