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  • .hack//ROOTS (V.1) w/ Artbox, CD Soundtrack, Video Game Demo, and T-Shirt

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    Release Date    04.17.2007
    Category    Action, Sci-Fi, Drama
    UPC    669198222504
    Language    English/Japanese
    Subtitle    English
    Format    DVD
    Running Time    125 min
    Suggested Age    13up
    Episodes    1-5
    Price    $59.98


    It was the year 2015, and for gamers throughout the world, it was the year ‘The World’ as they knew it burned to the ground. Caught in a mysterious fire, the datacenters containing all information about the world’s most popular game were destroyed. Now, one year later a new game has arrived born out of splicing data from a new project : The World R:2. As millions of players throughout the servers, they soon discover that this version of the world is much more unforgiving than its previous incarnation.

    More dangerous than any game created monster, Player Killers now infest all servers, endlessly searching for easy prey in this unstable world. As one of the many newbies to begin his adventures in the R:2 world, Haseo will find himself a target of not only the numerous Player Killers, but of two rivaling guilds, who hope to use his reputed special gifts to pursue their own agendas.

    1: Welcome to “The World”
    2: Twilight Brigade
    3: Join
    4: Forefeel
    5: Distrust

    Special Features & Extras
    - Dolby Digital Stereo-English
    - Dolby Digital Stereo-Japanese
    - Aspect Ratio - 16:9 Letterbox (Widescreen)
    - Interactive Menu
    - Trailers
    - Scene Select
    - English Subtitle Option
    - Textless Opening
    - TV Spot Trailers

    What The Critics Say
    “The show is beautiful”
    - animenewsnetwork.com

    “With the reworked setting and unfamiliar characters, the show adds a new layer of complexity to the .hack universe”
    - Newtype USA

    “A welcome reboot of the .hack universe”
    - PLAY

    Japanese Staff Credits
    Director - Koichi Mashimo
    Composer - ALI PROJECT
    Character Design - Satoshi Osawa

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