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  • .hack//ROOTS (V.2)

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    Release Date    06.01.2007
    Category    Action, Sci-Fi, Drama
    UPC    669198222412
    Language    English/Japanese
    Subtitle    English
    Format    DVD
    Running Time    125 min
    Suggested Age    13up
    Episodes    6-10
    Price    $24.98


    The Twilight Brigade continues its search for the Virus Cores, a mysterious item not included in the official game specs. They believe they need to collect them before they can find out the coveted Key of the Twilight. Meanwhile their rival Guild, TaN, bears down on them harder using their secret service led by a dangerous Player Killer Ender.

    Haseo comes up with a clue on how to use the Virus Cores in one of the Lost Grounds. As their leader Ovan decides to take action, even Gord and Bset, who left the guild in disappointment, join them again and fight against the enemy warriors. Little do they know, however, that Naobi, the TaN’s mastermind, is intriguing to set them up in a trap so that he can achieve his own sinister goal.


    6: Conflict
    7: Intrigue
    8: Starting
    9: Melee
    10: Missing

    Special Features & Extras

    - Dolby Digital Stereo-English
    - Dolby Digital Stereo-Japanese
    - Aspect Ratio - 16:9 Anamorphic (Widescreen)
    - Interactive Menu
    - Trailers
    - Scene Select
    - English Subtitle Option
    - Textless Ending
    - Original Japanese Promotional Trailer

    What The Critics Say

    “A welcome reboot of the .hack universe”
    - PLAY Magazine

    “With the reworked setting and unfamiliar characters, the show adds a new layer of complexity to the .hack universe”
    - Newtype USA

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