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  • .hack/ROOTS (V.3) - Tri-Edge

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    Release Date    08.07.2007
    Category    Action, Fantasy
    UPC    669198222429
    Language    English/Japanese
    Subtitle    English
    Format    DVD
    Running Time    100 min
    Suggested Age    3up
    Episodes    11-14
    Price    $24.98


    TaN is no more, Ovan is missing, and the Twilight Brigade is in disarray. As a result of their illegal activities, TaN has been forced to disband, the leaders of the guild prohibited from accessing the game. However, the mysterious disappearance of Ovan has left little time for the Twilight Brigade to rejoice. And as rumor concerning his possible location and motives spread dissent through the ranks, the Brigade finds itself facing its final days together.

    Yet as turmoil brews amongst the members of the Twilight Brigade, Ovan lies trapped in suspended animation; his fate in the hands of Yata and Pi, the reincarnation of the former TaN leaders. Meanwhile, the bizarre appearance of the player Tri-Edge will shatter the lives of Haseo and everyone else in The World.


    11: Discord
    12: Breakup
    13: Tragedy
    14: Lost One

    Special Features & Extras

    - Dolby Digital Stereo-Japanese/English
    - Aspect Ratio - 16:9 Anamorphic (Widescreen)
    - Interactive Menu
    - Trailers
    - Scene Select
    - English Subtitle Option
    -DVD Release Announcement (for Japan)

    Japanese Staff Credits

    Director - Koichi Mashimo
    Character Design - Satoshi Osawa

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