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  • .hack//SIGN: Anime Legends Complete Collection

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    Login to the most successful online game in history! “The World” is being played by millions of people around the world, making it the most popular game ever. Players can go online and trade items, form parties, and go on quests. But none of that concerns Tsukasa. Trapped within "The World", a virtual prisoner - His journey from the digital world to the real world has just begun.

    Episode 1: Role Play
    Episode 2: Guardian
    Episode 3: Folklore
    Episode 4: Wanted
    Episode 5: Captured
    Episode 6: Encounter
    Episode 7: Reason
    Episode 8: Promise
    Episode 9: Epitaph
    Episode 10: Compensation
    Episode 11: Party
    Episode 12: Entanglement
    Episode 13: Twilight Eye
    Episode 14: Castle
    Episode 15: Depth
    Episode 16: Conflict
    Episode 17: Declaration
    Episode 18: Recollection
    Episode 19: Tempest
    Episode 20: Despair
    Episode 21: Phantom
    Episode 22: The Eve
    Episode 23: Net Slum
    Episode 24: Catastrophe
    Episode 25: Return
    Episode 26: Intermezzo
    Episode 27: Evidence

    Special Features & Extras
    - Dolby Digital Stereo-English
    - Dolby Digital Stereo-Japanese
    - Aspect Ratio - 16:9 Letterbox (Widescreen)
    - Interactive Menu
    - Trailers
    - Scene Select
    - English Subtitle Option
    - Character Gallery
    - hack Timeline

    What The Critics Say
    “The incredible amount of artistic talent in this series shows in every scene” - Animerica

    “This is one of our favorite series of the last five years”
    - Protoculture Addicts

    “this series…like all great anime, requires your full attention.”
    - Play Magazine

    "Bee-Train lure[s] you in with an interesting narrative concept and hypnotize you with their ethereal soundtracks and measured pacing."
    - URB

    Japanese Staff Credits
    Director - Koichi Mashimo
    Composer - Yuki Kajiura
    Character Design - Yoshiyuki Sadamoto

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