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  • .hack//G.U. The Card Battle

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    .hack// has appeared as a card game!

    You can play from 4 Crimson VS (Game version rule) and play with 40 decks King Crimson

    You can play the rules in two ways!

    Specification that previous work and now work .hack// GU are available at the same time.

    Let's experience the game world of .hack// even with card games!

    ¥330 tax incl.

    10 cards per pack, 15 packs per box, 84 total different cards.

    4 ultra rare cards, 8 super rare cards, 12 rare cards, and 60 common cards.




    The game software ``.hack//GU'', a fully linked card game, has finally started!

    ".hack//GU The CARD BATTLE" has two rules: a card game rule (king Crimson rule) that reproduces the world view of the game software, and a CrimsonVS rule that will be implemented in .hack//GU Vol.2 scheduled to be released in September. It is a full-fledged card game that can be played according to the rules.
    The characters that appear on the cards are from the previous .hack series, centering on .hack//GU characters.
    As a link with game software, there is a link with a password called area word written on the card (not all cards).
    If you enter this word on the input screen in the game, PK (Player Killer), which is the keyword of this game software, will appear and you can face off.
    In addition, you can also play the card game "Crimson VS" that can be played with the game software scheduled to be released in September.
    for the rules of "Crimson VS" Click here ! !

    Booster pack (10 packs per pack)
    Release date: Early June 2006
    List price: 330 yen (tax included)
    Card size: 86 x 59 (mm)
    Card type: All 84 types
    (60 normal, 12 rare, 8 super rare,
    4 types of ultra rare)
    At toy stores nationwide, or toy sections of department stores and mass retailers
    Please ask for it.

    ■□■ Information ■□■
    In ".hack//GU THE CARD BATTLE" released in early June,
    In the listed area word, ".hack//GU Vol.1 Rebirth"
    We would like to inform you that there are words that cannot be entered and words that are misspelled.





    ■□■ Information ■□■
    released in early June, ".hack//GU THE CARD BATTLE" In
    Among the listed area words, in PS2 dedicated software ".hack//GU Vol.1 Rebirth" the
    We would like to inform you that there are words that cannot be entered and words that are misspelled.
    We hope that you will continue to use our products.

    hack// is now available as a card game!
    You can play from 4 cards Crimson VS ” (game version rules) and 40-card decks that can be played with ” King Crimson You can play in two ways with the rules!
    You can get the previous work and this work .hack//GU at the same time.
    Experience the game world of .hack// in a card game!
    © .hack Conglomerate
    Pack product 10 pieces per pack: 330 yen (tax included)
    *Production has ended.


    Download Game Rules


    Download Playmat

    *The recommended print size for the playsheet is
    Next to B4.

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