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  • .hack//Liberation of the Brain

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    This is a special booklet included in the ".hack//Slightly Sexy Everyday Surrounding Pack" created by the CC2 staff of the ".hack" series.

    A4 size, 32 pages
    Full-color illustrations drawn by CyberConnect2 artists are posted on all 32 pages!
    *Some excerpts from published works

    ◆".hack" sexy illustration drawn by CC2 staff
    WAKA, Kemonoguchi, Mamesuke, Hideki Kumamoto, Edon, Hiroaki Takei, MM, Toru Shibuya,
    Junko Taguchi, Tasshi, Kei Yamazaki, Naoto Abe, Shinsaku Sawamura, num, Chamu

    <<Special corner>>
    ◆ How paper bags are made
    Illustrations drawn by Seiichiro Hosokawa and Miharu Toba used for the paper bag.
    Introducing the rough sketches leading up to the final draft!

    ◆Illustration comment
    We will ask the CC2 staff who drew the sexy illustrations to explain the special points and "moe" points!

    ◆Pie & Tabby 3D Theater
    A dream corner where you can make sexy characters Pai and Tabby three-dimensional using cross-view!

    ◆ Column by Hiroshi Matsuyama
    Let's all go back to the second year of junior high school once in our heads. Remember those days!

    sample_01_s.gif sample_02_s.gif sample_03_s.gif sample_04_s.gif

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