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  • Game Art Works .hack//20th Vol.3

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    20 years of illustrations from the ".hack" series are collected in 3 volumes!
    "Game Art Works .hack//20th" is an art book series that commemorates the 20th anniversary of the series and delivers illustrations of game works developed by CyberConnect2 in three volumes. Vol.3 includes package illustrations for ``.hack//Link'' as well as the main visuals for the latest ``.hack//20th Anniversary Exhibition.'' This art collection, which is the culmination of the history of the ".hack" series, is full of volumes from Volumes 1 to 3. Please enjoy it!

    ●Package illustrations of past game works include ``.hack//GU Last Recode'', ``.hack//Link'', and ``.hack//New World''!

    ●Comprehensive collection of publicity illustrations from past game works!

    ●Includes unit illustrations by Seiichiro Hosokawa and Megane Kikuya from ``Guilty Dragon Sinryu and the Eight Curses'' and ``.hack//New World.''

    ●In addition, there are many works included in this book for the first time, such as newly drawn visuals from events held so far, ``.hack//Follow-up'' and ``.hack//20th Anniversary Exhibition''!

    <Recorded works>
    “.hack//Infection Spread Vol.1 ~ Absolute Encirclement Vol.4”, “.hack//GU” series, “.hack//GU TRILOGY”, “.hack//Link”, “Dot Hack Beyond the World” '+Versus Hybrid Pack, 'Guilty Dragon: The Sin Dragon and the Eight Curses', '.hack//New World', '.hack//GU Last Recode', and other newly drawn illustrations for goods not previously included in the book. Such

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