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  • .hack//Collection

    This is a series in which characters familiar from the ".hack" series are drawn down in costumes according to the themes of "Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter" and commercialized. Characters who show unprecedented appearance will surely make you feel fresh every time!


    1. .hack//Collection Spring 2021

      Six bodies that have become adorable unique to Easter while making the best use of their respective characteristics!
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    2. .hack//Collection Summer 2021

      Transformed into a gorgeous pirate by the hands of CyberConnect2 artists "Seiichiro Hosokawa" and "Higashi"! Please enjoy the illustrations with different atmospheres in the same costume!
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    3. .hack//Collection Autumn 2021

      By the hands of CyberConnect2 artist Higashi and Seiichiro Hosokawa, the costumes have been changed to lively Halloween costumes such as ghosts and wizards! Twelve from Higashi, Seiichiro Hosokawa draws "Blue Flame Kite" and "Hasewo"!
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    4. .hack//Collection 2022

      The theme of [4th] is Japanese! 12 characters from the ".hack" series! The deformed illustrations by CyberConnect2 artist "Higashi" are all designed with a lot of attention! Please enjoy the unique lineup that makes the best use of the character's characteristics.
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