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  • .hack Limited T-shirt Drama (size: S / M / L)

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    A limited edition T-shirt to commemorate the first crossover live event ".hack // LiVE Drama" in the history of the ".hack" series is finally here Appearance! !!
    The play characters that have an impact with brush letters and the silhouettes of kite, Hasewo, and Tokio are treated.
    This is a memorial item created for this event!

    [Product Specifications]
    ■ S size: Length / 66cm Width / 49cm Sleeve length / 19cm
    ■ Material: 100% cotton
    ■ Color: Black

    ■ Reservation acceptance period: May 12, 2010 (Wednesday) -Start

    ■ Product delivery
    7 Scheduled to be shipped sequentially from Sunday to around 10 days

    * Due to its popularity,
    the venue-limited product sold at the first crossover live event ".hack // LiVE Drama" in the history of the ".hack" series held on May 9, 2010 This time, we will specially handle it only at the rabbit market.
    * The number of items sold is limited. Please note that sales will end as soon as they are sold out.

    ■ What is the ".hack" series?
    Starting with the TV animation work ".hack // SIGN" that was broadcast in April 2002, it has been
    developed in various mediasuch as music CDs, novels, comics, and radio, andhas gained support from a wide range of generations. This is a media mix project.
    PlayStation 2 exclusive software released as the first game work located at the center
    ".Hack // Infection Spread Vol.1-Absolute Siege Vol.4" (released from 2002 to 2003) has sold a total of 1.95 million copies worldwide.
    In addition, the sequel ".hack // GU" series trilogy (released from 2006 to 2007) has sold a total of 800,000 copies
    worldwide and is gaining popularity not only in Japan but also around the world.

    * The image is under development. It may differ from the product.
    * Because it is a sewn product, there may be some errors in the above sizes.
    * Please note that the delivery date may change due to production reasons.
    * The selling price is different from the venue price. Please note.
    * Please note that sales may end without notice.


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