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  • Weekly Famitsu June 29, 2017

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    • Release Date: 06/29/2017
      Price ¥: 550

    Articles on .hack//G.U. Last Recode

    ★ Appendix
    ・ DLC lucky bag
    "Dissidia Final Fantasy" (arcade version)
    Player icon "Lise -FF XIV-" Obtained item code
    "Puzzle & Dragons" Hakukouen Hayashi, Hols Armor Necky
    "Professional Baseball Famista Climax"
    Original Team " One player from "Meikyuukai" (random)
    "Dragon's Dogma Online" "Supply to the conscious person [Remedy]" Set
    Famitsu's digital content
    "Alliance Alive" Past article summary

    [Special feature]
    ● "Puzzle & Dragons" 5 Anniversary special feature

    ◆ 11th consecutive project / genre-specific game general election
    "simulation game" result announcement

    [release commemorative special feature]
    ◆ "ARMS"

    [3 consecutive weeks special feature]
    ◆ "Final Fantasy XIV: Guren's Liberator"

    [Intro Scoop]

    "Dragon & Colonies " of the new studio "LEVEL5 comcept"

    [New scoop]
    ◆ "Dissidia Final Fantasy NT"
    ◆ ".hack // gu Last Recode"
    ◆ "ARK: Survival Evolved"

    ◆ "New Minna no GOLF"
    ◆ "Great Reversal Trial 2-Naruhodo Ryunosuke's Satoru-"
    ◆ "Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age"
    ◆ "Earth Defense Force 5"
    ◆ "Omega Labyrinth Z"
    ◆ "Hey! Picmin"
    ◆ "Ever Oasis Spirit" And Tanebito no Kairou

    ] [Attention information]
    ◆ "LET IT DIE"
    ◆ "Shadow Bath"
    ◆ "Road of Vermilion IV"

    [Special feature just before release]
    ◆ "GOD WARS ~ Beyond Time ~"
    ◆ "Alliance Alive"

    [ Special feature just before delivery]
    ◆ "Summer lesson: Allison Snow"

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