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  • .hack//Another Birth Vol. 3 Erosion Pollution

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    .hack//Another Birth もうひとつの誕生 Vol.3 侵食汚染

    . hack//Another Birth Another Birth Vol. 3 Erosion pollution

    Author Kawasaki Miu

    Supervisor Kazunori Ito

    Illustration cyber connect 2

    List price: 560 yen (main unit 533 yen + tax)

    Release date: May 31, 2005

    Judgment type: paperback edition

    Commodity form: Paperback

    Number of pages: 292

    ISBN: 9784044199074

    Popular series game novelization 3rd appeared!
    of "The World" spreads even further. Blackrose and the others try to stop it, but the pollution has spread to the real world. The PCs, who were initially rebellious against the threat, banded together to combat the mystery

    * The image may differ from the actual cover, band, etc.

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