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  • .hack//Another Birth Vol. 4 Absolute Siege

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    .hack//Another Birth もうひとつの誕生 Vol.4 絶対包囲

    .hack//Another Birth Another Birth Vol. 4 Absolute Siege

    Author Kawasaki Miu

    Supervisor Kazunori Ito

    Illustration cyber connect 2

    List price: 540 yen (main unit 514 yen + tax)

    Release date: November 30, 2005

    Judgment type: paperback edition

    Commodity form: Paperback

    Number of pages: 276

    ISBN: 9784044199081

    The popular series game novelization is complete!
    The final battle over the mystery of "The World" has finally begun. Kaito's entrusted bracelet, Aura, the non-returnees, and the Twilight Inscription—all mysteries will finally be revealed! .hack//Another Birth

    * The image may differ from the actual cover, band, etc.

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