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.hack//ENEMY Booster Draft Rules

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An archive from 2004

What is a Booster Draft?

Most TCG tournaments require players to bring a constructed deck in order to play. During a booster draft, players select cards from regular booster packs one card at a time and then make decks from those cards to use in the tournament. This format is fun, fast, and provides a unique challenge for all players.

.hack//ENEMY Draft Format

All cards in booster packs from .hack//ENEMY are legal. Level Up! and promotional cards (cards with a T or a P in the bottom right hand corner in the collector’s information) are not legal.


Each player will need four packs of any expansion of .hack//ENEMY TCG.

Player Distribution

Players assemble randomly into drafting circles (called groups) of roughly equal participants at the discretion of the tournament director or head judge. If possible groups should have an even number of players if possible and six players is the best number.

A tournament official then distributes four booster packs to each player in the group. Each player receives the same configuration of packs.

Drafting Procedure

Note: Before the draft begins, a tournament official should make sure all players are familiar with the rules for booster draft deck construction (see below).

Players may not take notes during a draft or during deck construction.

At the tournament official’s signal, each player opens the specified booster pack (all players must be drafting from the same set at the same time) and counts the cards. If a player does not have the appropriate number of cards in his or her booster pack, he must immediately notify the judge, who will then replace the pack.

The player chooses one card from the booster pack and then passes the remaining cards face down to the player on his left. The opened packs are passed around the drafting group with each player taking one card before passing until all cards from the pack are drafted.

Once a player has removed a card from the pack and placed it face down in front of him, that card may not be returned to the pack. Players may not show their card selections or the contents of their current packs to other participants in the draft. Players may not send signals of any kind to other participants in the draft regarding any information about their own picks or what they would like others to pick.

After each player’s first pack is drafted, a tournament official will specify another pack and instruct players to open it and draft in the same fashion, except that the direction of the drafting is reversed and now proceeds to the right. This process is repeated until all of the cards in all booster packs are drafted. The first and third packs are drafted clockwise (to each player’s left) and the second and fourth packs are drafted counter clockwise (to each player’s right).

Players may not review the cards they have drafted until the drafting procedure is complete and they are building decks.

Deck Construction

Once drafting is complete, players have 30 minutes to build a deck.

A player’s draw deck must be 35 cards.

You may have any quantity of a specific card title in your draw deck. You are not limited to four copies of each card title in your draw deck.

Tournament Procedure

The tournament director or head judge determines pairings within each drafting group. All tournaments will be Swiss, match player (best of two out of three games per match).

The number of Victory Points needed to win in a booster draft game is five, not seven.

Sanctioned booster draft tournaments consist of at least three rounds of Swiss play. All other normal tournament rules and time limits apply.

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