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2004 Territorial Open Championships

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Update:  The deadline for placing a Territorial Open Championship application is Monday February 16, 2004.  All applications must be received by that date.  If you have any questions feel free to email trevor.mcgregor@decipher.com.

It is time once again for Territorial Open Championships (TOC). This is the best place for a player to qualify for the World Championship in August at Gen Con Indianapolis. This year there are a few changes for the Territorial Opens from previous years. The Territorial Opens for the Lord of the Rings TCG, Star Trek CCG, and .hack//ENEMY TCG will take place at venues around the world from March 1st through May 2nd. Territorial Opens are open to all players; no restrictions based on where you live. This year the winner of a Territorial Open Championship in addition to the coveted bye into Day 2 of the World Championships will also receive $50.00 Decipher Dollars! Also new this year is exclusive cards given out to all participants of a Territorial Open. Premier Points are also available to the top 8 finishers at a Territorial Open Championship.

First Place: $50.00 Decipher Dollars
Bye into Day Two of the World Championship
Bye into Day Two of the Continental Championship
Territorial Open Championship T-shirt
Territorial Open Championship Pin
2 Premier Points

Runner-up: Bye into Day Two of the Continental Championship
Territorial Open Championship Pin
1 Premier Point

Third Place – Eight Place: Territorial Open Championship Pin
1 Premier Point

All .hack//ENEMY TCG Territorial Open Championship participants will receive an exclusive foil Net Slum.

If you are a retailer and would like to apply for a Territorial Open Championship download your application here. Are you are a Product Champion, Tournament Director, or player and would like to have a Territorial Open Championship near you? Well print out the application here and bring it to your local store.

Trevor McGregor
DGMA Event Coordinator

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