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2004 .hack//ENEMY TCG Tournament Schedule

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2004 .hack//ENEMY TCG DGMA Schedule

Release Events
Distortion February 13-15
Epidemic June 11-13
Isolation October 15-17

Premier Series Qualifiers All Year Long

Territorial Open Championships March 1 – April 30

Premier Series Event
San Diego, California: Comic-Con July 22-24

2004 .hack//ENEMY TCG Championship
Indianapolis, Indiana: GenCon August 19-22

In 2004, DGMA will be launching a full series of championship level tournaments for .hack//ENEMY TCG. We’ve got events for every level of competition, from Release Events, to PSQs, and all the way up to the .hack//ENEMY Championship.

Decipher Dollars bring greater opportunities for the DGMA to give prizes to more players. Decipher Dollars can be used at any of the Decipher online stores (Lord of the Rings Fan Club Store, Star Trek Fan Club Store, Decipher Online Store, Volunteer Store, Retailer Store) including the Reward Store which features items like I-Pods, portable DVD players, and even a hovercraft. Decipher Dollars will be awarded at all Level 3 and 4 Events and also at every Territorial Open Championship!

Release Kits

Decipher Release Kits debuted to a resounding success with The Lord of the Rings TCG Return of the King base set. Release kits will now be available to both Product Champions and retailers alike for all expansion releases. Kits will include exclusive cards along with a special release T-shirt. They can be used in a variety of ways to make release weekends a fun and busy time.

Release Kits will be available for purchase directly from Decipher 3-5 weeks prior to any release. They are available for The Lord of the Rings TCG, Star Trek CCG and .hack//ENEMY TCG releases. Since they are available to Product Champions and Preferred Retailers, all players can have access to these exclusive cards. Each kit will include 25 exclusive cards. For .hack//ENEMY TCG, the cards will be foiled and will have exclusive game play. There will be a limit of three kits per retailer and one kit per Product Champion.

Premier Series Qualifier (PSQ)

PSQs are Level 2 tournaments held at venues around the world. Based on feedback from players, the 2004 version of the PSQ kit is getting an overhaul compared to the 2003 version. We are lowering the price for a venue to hold a PSQ from $100 to $60. We are also adding promo cards that are exclusive to the Premier Series. PSQ kits are available for Lord of the Rings TCG and for .hack//ENEMY TCG. Revised PSQ applications will be available from DGMA.com soon.

Territorial Open Championships (TOC)

It’s Open Season: for gaming that is. The 2004 Territorial Open tournaments will begin in March and continue through April. Decipher will accept applications for the LOTR TCG, ST:CCG Second Edition, and .hack//Enemy TCG. Retailers from around the world may begin applying very soon to hold an open for their state/region. Prizes will include exclusive cards specific to each game, binders and $50 in Decipher dollars to be given to the winner. The winner also receives a bye into day two of the World Championship.

Premier Series Event

There will be a Premier Series Event for .hack//ENEMY TCG at San Diego Comic-Con where players will compete for $5,000 Decipher Dollars! This two-day event is open to all players (Premier Points are not required). The prize pool will be broken down like this:

1st: $2,000 Decipher Dollars
     Bye into Day 2 of the 2004 . hack//ENEMY TCG Championship
2nd: $1,000 Decipher Dollars
3rd & 4th: $400 Decipher Dollars
5th – 8th: $150 Decipher Dollars
9th – 16th: $75 Decipher Dollars

2004 .hack//ENEMY TCG Championship

The biggest .hack//ENEMY TCG tournament of the year will be at GenCon Indy. Participants from all over the world will play for bragging rights and $15,000 Decipher Dollars. The prize pool for this three-day event will break down like this:

1st: $7,000 Decipher Dollars
     Bye into Day 2 of the 2005 .hack//ENEMY TCG Championship
     Flight to the 2005 .hack//ENEMY TCG Championship
2nd: $4,000 Decipher Dollars
3rd & 4th: $1,000 Decipher Dollars
5th – 8th: $500 Decipher Dollars

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