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A Different Look At "The World"

(Norfolk, VA–June 7, 2004) – Decipher offers a comical look at your favorite .hack//ENEMY TCG characters with .hack//ENEMY TCG GIFT. .hack//ENEMY TCG GIFT is a new type of product from Decipher that combines six new alternate image cards, booster packs from previous .hack//ENEMY TCG releases Contagion and Distortion in a special, limited print run, full-color deck box for holding your favorite .hack//ENEMY TCG deck, and a numbered certificate of authenticity.

GIFT features very stylized, cartoon versions of the most popular .hack characters as seen in the promotional DVD short "GIFT" that was sent to consumers who purchased all four of the video games in Japan. GIFT was also included as an added feature in the North American video game release titled: ".hack//QUARANTINE – vol. 4." The satirical animated short featured all of the popular characters from the anime series as well as characters from the video games. GIFT is very popular with fans of the .hack//SIGN anime as it shows their favorite characters in funny situations.

"Watching GIFT is almost like watching the outtakes of your favorite television show. You see the characters in a new and fun way," said Chuck Kallenbach, Designer for .hack//ENEMY TCG. "Whereas the gameplay on these alternate image cards won't change, we expect the stylized look of the .hack//GIFT characters will make these versions the favorites of some players. They almost look like characters from South Park!"

The six premium cards in GIFT will be BT, Crim, Sora, Subaru, Mimiru, and Bear. These cards will be alternate image versions of the xtra-rares from .hack//ENEMY TCG Contagion, the game's first release. GIFT will also feature two 11-card booster packs of .hack//ENEMY TCG Contagion and two 11-card booster packs of .hack//ENEMY TCG Distortion. "The combination of Contagion and Distortion makes for a perfect booster draft product," said Tim Ellington, VP of Decipher's Game Studio. "One of the best things about .hack//ENEMY TCG is the ability to open four packs and build a very competitive deck."

GIFT also features a beautifully designed plastic card box built to hold a standard size .hack//ENEMY TCG deck in sleeves. .hack images will grace the outside of the box, and a velcro closure will ensure your deck stays in place. Max Protection will be producing the deck boxes for .hack//ENEMY TCG GIFT.

.hack//ENEMY TCG GIFT will be limited to a single print run of 8,000 units, and the certificate of authenticity will feature this unique number up to 8,000. Due to limited quantities of the included product, .hack//ENEMY TCG GIFT will not be reproduced. .hack//ENEMY TCG GIFT will retail for $19.95 and is available from the standard Decipher authorized distributors while supplies last. The official street date for .hack//ENEMY TCG GIFT is September 22, 2004.


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