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World Championship 2004 Details

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The 2004 World Championships are just around the corner. They will take place at GenCon Indy, (Indianapolis, IN) from August 19 - 22. Each championship will be a tough competition featuring the best TCG players from around the world. There will be plenty of prizes up for grabs, as well as the coveted title of World Champion! The full schedule of events will soon be posted on Decipher.com, but if you can't wait, click here to look up specific events directly from GenCon's website.

General Information

Location: GenCon Indy
Dates: 8/19/04 - 8/22/04
GenCon Website: click here

To participate in any World Championship tournaments, players must have a convention badge and event tickets. Both can be purchased at the GenCon website (listed above) or on-site.

The Final Confrontation and Award Ceremony for Lord of the Rings, Star Trek 2E and .hack//ENEMY TCG will take place on SUNDAY. Please make your travel plans accordingly. The final confrontation will be treated as a new tournament between two players. This means that different decks may be used and if one of the two players cannot attend the final confrontation, their spot will pass down to the next available player from the last day of the World Championship.

Please bring your tournament tickets with you to GenCon, or know your Player ID. If you do not know how to get your player ID, click here. Also, you can fill out your decklists ahead of time to save yourself time and hassle on the morning of the tournament. Click here for all of the most current decklists and tournament resources.

.hack//ENEMY TCG

Day 1, Thursday, August 19th AND Friday, August 20th

There will be two Day 1 heats. Even though they are on different days, they are still both considered to be Day 1. These heats are open to anyone who is not already qualified for Day 2 of the .hack//ENEMY TCG World Championship. A player may participate in more than one of these events. The top 10% from each heat (minimum 4) will advance to Day 2.

Heat 1 - Thursday, August 19th, 5:00 pm (Constructed) - 6 rounds
Heat 2 - Friday, August 20th, 12:00 pm (Constructed) - 6 rounds

Day 2, Saturday, August 21st

There will be one Day 2 heat. The top 8 players from Day 2 will advance to the Top 8. Players must be qualified to participate.

Day 2 - 11:00 am (Constructed) - 8 rounds

Top 8, Saturday, August 21st

Top 8 will feature the top eight players from Day 2. The tournament will be match play (2 of 3) with normal game time limits. The tournament will be bracketed single elimination. Players may change decks in between Day 2 and Top 8, but a new decklist will need to be filled out if changes are made.

Top 8 - 6:00 pm (Constructed) - Elimination

World Championship Finals and .hack//ENEMY TCG Award Ceremony, Sunday, August 22nd

The finals will take place on Sunday in the TCG hall. The top two players will face off on an elevated stage. Spectators will be able to view the finals from monitors. The cameras will not be showing players' hands, but will be focusing on the in-game action.

Final Confrontation - 11:30 am (Constructed)
.hack//ENEMY TCG Award Ceremony - Immediately following the Final Confrontation


• 1st: $7,000 Decipher Dollars
Bye into Day 2 of the 2005 .hack//ENEMY TCG Championship
Flight to the 2005 .hack//ENEMY TCG Championship
• 2nd: $4,000 Decipher Dollars
• 3rd & 4th: $1,000 Decipher Dollars
• 5th – 8th: $500 Decipher Dollars

See you at GenCon!

Dan Bojanowski
Marketing Manager, Organized Play
Decipher, Inc.

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