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PC and Monster Breakout!

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Kathy McCracken, Web Writer

When "The World" runs amok, PCs rely on the Crimson Knights for order and discipline. In Breakout, Subaru leads the Knights against an explosion of new monsters and phase bosses!

This all-new set features more PCs than any other expansion, and introduces Level 3 PCs including Subara 3.0 and Crim 3.0. PC weapons abound, so you can equip your PC with Kite's Bracelet, Tsukasa's Wand, or Subaru's Axe!

On the monster side, Breakout unleashes a new Cubia strategy, the incredibly powerful Nega Guardian, and a host of new insects, birds, undead, lizards, snakes, golems, and drain monsters, plus the ultimate terror, Phase 8 – Corbenik.

The 100-card set (30 each common, uncommon, and rare plus 10 Xtra-rare) comes in 11-card booster packs. An Xtra-rare replaces the rare card in approximately one in five packs on average. SRP remains at $3.29 per pack. Watch for more information soon on dothackenemy.fanhq.com.

Experience Breakout – coming to stores December 1, 2004!

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