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2005 DGMA Tournament Schedule

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Listed below are the prizes being offered for top-level Decipher tournaments in 2005. Please notice this year that we are offering more prizes to a wider range of players, not just the top few finishers. See the article about updates to the Rewards Store for ideas on how to spend the Fan Dollars (F$) that you will be earning playing Decipher’s TCGs.

As additional information regarding tournament dates and venues becomes available, it will be added to this page and you will be notified of the update throught the "Featured Events and Announcements" article on top of the page.

.hack//ENEMY TCG

Omega Server Challenge
The Omega Server Challenge tournaments will be awarded, at the discretion of the Brand Manager, to areas of the world renowned for their support of Decipher games. They will be open to all players who wish to attend, and will feature a large array of free Decipher product.

• All Players: Booster packs and foil cards from the latest sets.

World Championship
The 2005 World Championships, featuring F$1000 for the top 4 players in the world, will be held at DecipherCon/GenCon in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, August 18th-21st.

• 1st: F$500
• 2nd: F$250
• 3rd: F$125
• 4th: F$125
• Top 4: World Championship trophies
• All Players: Exclusive Foils, .hack//ENEMY boosters and foils from recent sets

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