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I want to play this series one more time but...


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I can't find a functional PS2 emulator and I can't find the games. I see that some of you got fragment up and running again. How is it? I wanted to play that game for so long and play. 

I see people have kept the love going for a while. Funny enough, I found .hack//enemy cards at my chain bargain store down the the road. It's hard to believe someone so old could be found in a store in this day and age.

I remember when I first got into the series, a friend bought mutation right away and infection was only $25 and affordable at my local Walmart. I ended up buying the whole series and unlocking all the hidden Easter eggs. Ghosts of characters running around, 3D cutscenes from the .hack//sign show, and Sora's ghost dropping off his equipment to you. 

These games are gold, I still have all my PS2 games, but sadly no more PS2. I don't know what makes me hold onto these games or the story, but it's worth enjoying every time. 

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