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Integrability Now Hiring!

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There's never such a word as too much of a good thing around here, neither should employment as the currency we offer is gratitude from your fellow team and especially from the members of this community. Integrability as always is is looking for determined members of this community to let their potential and creativity grow with us. We've always allowed each and every single person the same opportunity and chances to apply apart of the majority of the teams here with this community and we will never deny anyone the chance to apply. However, if you are accepted to one of our teams on this community does not mean you spot on that team will be indefinite. Even though you have the position and title still means you must earn that position and title by showing you can do the job and live up to the performance necessary by that team you are on. Integrability has been a community to start many amazing projects and we got a lot to show from those projects over the years to this day that we still use in our everyday lives here. We ask you to show respects to those who built up what we have so far and to give back to the future members of this community by being a member of this administration here and make a positive difference for what we'll all see tomorrow.

Teams Applicable.

    * Game Master
      Responsible for developing a storyline and character management for the main role-play.

    * Gallery Division
      Manages all current images in the gallery and adds additional images to the gallery for dothack

    * Graphic Arts Division
      Provides new graphics and artworks used and seen in the homepage and forum layouts.

    * Independent Gaming Division
      Develops offline downloadable games for members of this community and maintains the progress of our own MMO game client.

    * Marketing Division
      Manages over all our social network sites including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, deviantArt, etc.. and advertises around the net.

    * Media Division
      Hosts the dothack broadcasted radio station that plays audio from the dothack soundtracks and manages over the Integrability podcast.

    * News and Translation Division
      Keeps the general audience up to date on all news related for the dothack series on our homepage and forums.

    * Newsletter Division
      Writes monthly articles that recaps Integrability's updates and events.

    * Sprite Division
      Creates new additional sprites to be used in the Character Model editor as well as manages all the names, prices, and shops.

    * Webcomic Division
      Draws a weekly webcomic series dedicated to either the dothack franchise characters or Integrability's own characters and role-play story.

    * Wiki Division
      Publishes and provides new articles and content on our wiki for dothack.


All applications must be submitted to Edan in the form of a Private Message entitled "Staff Application". Be sure to state which team you wish to be apart of and why, and to improve your chances please include samples of work relating to the position. After which a reply will be sent back inviting you into a larger PM conversation with other administrators and staff team members so that you may ask questions to the team your applying to and questions from us can be asked to you as well. Within 48 hours from the initial conversation, your application will be accepted or declined mentioning why you weren't considered for the team. If you were declined, you still have the opportunity to apply for another team or reapply to the same team at a later date should you meet the requirements which prevented you from the team on your last application.

So if you feel bold enough and want to not only improve this place but also yourself in the long run, then we welcome you to be apart of a team that makes a difference, join the Integrability administration!

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