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Dothack Podcast Episode 2

Episode 2 of Dothack Podcast "Lost Media and Acquisitions". Vice President of CyberConnect2, Taichiro Miyazaki, comments to NoisyPixel that if fans want .hack//Infection Mutation Outbreak Quarantine remakes/remasters/ports to ask Bandai Namco to make this lost media available in modern times. Till Stiehl at CyberConnect2 also has been on the bandwagon of making .hack trend on social media and with fans. Guilty Dragon reaches 500k downloads by April 2013 whereas New World


Erroneous in episode

We started a Dothack Podcast

We started a Dothack Podcast https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/dothack-podcast/id1695651910 If you want to listen to it on any other podcast player aside Apple's, here's the RSS feed link. https://www.dothack.org/uploads/podcast/index.xml  

Dothack Podcast Episode 1

The first episode of the Dothack Podcast featuring discussions on What is Dothack? Who am I? What is Dothack Network? and What are my plans for Dothack Network. via @YouTube #dothack #ドットハック
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