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Welcome .hack fans! The PS4/Steam remaster for .hack//G.U. Last Recode is 25 days away from now. And to celebrate and bring awareness to this occasion we will be raffling out a second round of ou

I would like to enter please!  I was so excited to hear about the remake that I turned my old ps2 games into a shrine

Oh boy, I love me some .Hack// Enemy. I want this sooo bad. Ahem, also looking forward to .Hack being a thing again! Now I wont feel so alone in the world!

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I've been waiting for this!!!

I got heavily into .hack//Enemy this summer! Got 2 of my friends into it too! I love how you have to balance strong cards vs. their destiny. I got all of the starters and about 13 booster boxes since starting, but have 5 Epidemic boxes coming soon (can't wait to try out the Grunties in decks!)

I went into the depths of the archives of Devolver's website, but sadly most of it is gone.

My decks so far:

Goblins + Heavy Blade + Goblin Armor (works pretty well)

Long Arm + all high destiny cards (this wrecks everything ?)

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