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.hack//LINK Fan Translation

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One of my aliases on line is Jun Bansyoya this is the name I use to post on the dothackers forums. In February of 2011 I started work on creating a fan translation of the not localized game .hack//LINK. I started this project because I am a big fan of the series, and wanted to see the “third season” of the series in English. I initially posted some cryptic messages and screenshots of the game online on the previously mentioned forums. Through this I was able to find Kuukai, a translator willing to help me with the work.

We prepared a rough draft and prepared the following video for an anime convention in Boston in May of that year. We recruited some new help with this to.

All this time I was working on a framework that would make patching this game quite easy, and with some reverse engineering of the ccs file format that the games uses I managed to create an app that will be able to universally modify files based on a user desired changes. This app is fully expandable to modify image resources, but so far I have not reverse engineered this part of the ccs file and limited myself to just plain text.

Recently I have decided that don’t have the time necessary to adequately work on this project and have passed over control of it to Kuukai the lead translator. This document is meant to aide him as much as tell users how to use the utility I created.

This page is meant to be a how to guide for how to use the patch. As well as finally Link to the patches.


How to Guides;

For these guides you need to be running a Play Station Portable(PSP) system with a custom firmware(CFW). As hacking methods and CFWs of choice change over time I will skip instructions for how to do that and just leave you with the golden rule, “when in doubt google it”.
Before we start you should make a folder to store everything I tell you to download, make, or save. Keeping everything in there would be easiest. It is also recommended if you read all the step before you begin, but I hope to write them in a way where this is unnecessary. You will also need to know how to use a command line in order to complete this. You also need java installed on your system and added to your system path.
One last note is that although my patcher is written in java the other applications you use are native windows executable making this entire process require windows. There may be similar tools for other operating systems, but they will not be outlined here. If you wish to do a how to for other OS’s feel free, please let me know so I can integrate them into this how-to.
So now just read through this in order.
How to extract an ISO from your Universal Media Disc

This step is for people who own the original Universal Media Disc(UMD) of the game .hack//LINK, if you obtained an ISO through alternate methods you may skip this step.

  • The easiest method would be to use a build in feature of most CFW, you can start off by bringing up the CFW setting menu, generally it is accessed by pressing Select.
  • In this menus you can change USB DEVICE to be UMD Disc using the D-Pad.
  • Connect your PSP to your computer.
  • Switch to usb mode, by going into Settings >> USB Connection
  • Drag and drop the ISO file from the mounted drive to a safe location on your computer.

How to extract the DATA.cpk file from the ISO

The DATA.CPK file is the most important file in this ISO, this is a giant file that stores all resources used by this game. These files are used by the CRIware system, popular in Japanese games on various systems. For more information you can see their website.

  • Download a utility called UMDgen, we need precisely version 3.50 newer version have cause some problems when trying to get the final image to run. I generally get it from the dash hacks network, they don’t require a password for their downloads so it is the most friendly, warning for the longest time they did have auto-play video advertisements might want to mute before you go there. (Direct Link)
  • Extract the program and run it.
  • Open the ISO file previously created.
  • The bottom window will look like a standard 2 pane file explorer, open the PSP_GAME folder followed by USRDIR.
  • In there should be a file called data.cpk this is what you need, right click it and select Extract Selected… from here a Save As dialog will open save it in a safe location.

How to extract the data from DATA.CPK

We use two tools to manipulate the data in this, QuickBMS an extraction tool that is used to extract files, this tool is a generic extractor with an open scripting language that allows the user to write extensions to open any file the user wishes. The other tool will be discussed when the time comes.

  • Go to the QuickBMS webpage and download the most recent version of the tool. Link is close to the top of the page.
  • Download the CPK script, use your browser’s search function to help you find it (CTRL-F).
  • Make a folder called data.
  • Extract and run the program.
  • A black screen and a Open File dialog box is here, this is where you select the script you want to use to extract the file, cpk.bms should be it’s name where ever you saved it from step 2. Click OK.
  • Another Open File dialog box should appear, this is where you select the file to extract, here you select your data.cpk. Click OK.
  • A third and final dialog box will appear, this is a folder selection box, use this to select the data folder you created in step 3. Click OK.
  • It may take a couple minutes to do its work, so let it be.

How to apply the Patch to the Data Folder

  • Download the most recent version, of the translation, link above.
  • The zip file should have a folder with a file called “dothack.jar” this is a java program that will up date the files, and a folder called patch this is the patch.
  • Your main folder should have the jar file, the data folder, and the patch folder in it. (Along with other stuff)
  • Open up a command prompt. Press WIN+R and type CMD into the text box. Press Enter or Return. Use CD to navigate into your main folder.
  • In Windows Vista/7 you can do this easier by using the file explorer to navigate to the folder that contains your main folder. Hold shift while right clicking on your main folder to bring up an extended right click menu, in here click Open command window here.
  • Now run this command in the command window

java -jar dothack.jar patch data patch

  • Let this run til completion. This will patch in place, so the data folder will be changed from this point forward

How to recreate the data.cpk file from the data folder

This is where the other tools to work with cpk files comes in, this one is a tad bit more illegal as it uses licensed dll files from the official CRIware SDK, download at your own risk. A link is provided for this one because of its nature you might accidentally download some malware. The program is called CRI Packed File Maker and is generally distributed in a file called CRI Packed File Maker-ElPocho96.rar.

  • Download “CRI Packed File Maker-ElPocho96.rar” and extract it into your main folder. It should make a folder called crifilesystem.
  • Go into the folder and run the executable CriPackedFileMaker.exe.
  • There is a Open icon near the top right corner, click on it.
  • Navigate to your data folder and select it, click ok.
  • In the bottom right should be a button, Build CPK file…, click it.
  • A save menu will appear, you can choose where to save it, by default it will over write the original file if in the same folder as the data folder. This will be ok.
  • The other settings should be set as followed
    • Data Align: 2048
    • File Mode: Filename
    • Try Compression: deselected
    • Mask directories information: deselected
  • Click Start to Build.
  • Take another break and let it run.

How to Add the New data.cpk File to the ISO:

  • Run UMDgen v3.50 again.
  • Open your ISO again.
  • Open the PSP_GAME folder followed by USRDIR again.
  • Right click data.cpk and select delete.
  • Drag and drop your new data.cpk into where the old one was.
  • Save the ISO, it will not allow you to overwrite the old file so create a new ISO.

Now everything is done, put your ISO file in the folder your CFW looks for ISOs in. It is generally on the root of the drive in a folder called ISO. Turn on your PSP and play.
How to Update with a Newer Patch

Repeat the instructions from How to apply the Patch to the Data Folder onwards. If this fails start over from the begining.
How Do I Translate the Files into Another Language

  • Look inside the patch folder, there are some sub folders.
  • Inside them are some files with a .ccs file extenstion, these are actually text files and not the same as the .ccs files in the data folder.
  • Open one
  • Modify the text as needed
  • Save and close it.
  • Repeat from step 3 as necessary
  • There are only two rules to follow, all the block of text are followed by a blank line the string EOL and another blank line, the last one in a file is followed by 2 blank lines as long as you edit the file without touching those you should be safe. If you do make a mistake with this you might need to start over from the source file.
  • The patch file uses unix style line ends, you cannot use notepad to edit it them. I suggest Notepad++ for windows users, mac and linux users are safe using whatever.
  • When you edit a file or group of files you can follow the update instructions listed above.

Change log:

  • August 18, 2012 : Page created. Public rough draft.
  • September 1, 2012 : Files added; the patch and CRIsystemtool. Grammar corrected.

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