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  1. So you acquired the characters, you acquired the outfits, now what? For starters you can add them to your room. It's a pub like bar for 4 of your characters to hang out in. Currently all room's are .hack//GU themed so you will see ChimChim's around along with Death Grunty sitting at the table. To change/add the characters to your room, click on the 7th tab at the bottom of the screen. You might get some prompts as you enter, just press the upper right button to continue. Once you see the room there will be 4 icons to the left and 3 icons to the right. On the right side, click t
  2. In game you have to remember you must acquire the characters and content prior to September 30th, this is a limited time event and after the 30th, there is no way to go back and reacquire what will be locked. So make sure you spend all your free gems, free spins, and cards before then. If you need more gems, just simply play the main story mode and set the game to auto-play. When you start the game you will be prompted with this message. This is asking you to register for a BandaiNamco ID, not necessary unless you wish to transfer your game from device to device or have a backu
  3. If you wish to play, you can! Follow these instructions. 1. Get yourself a compatible Android device or you can play on PC or Mac with Bluestacks, an Android emulator. https://www.bluestacks.com/ Alternatively, for Linux you can use Genymotion. Also with Bluestacks, press LCTRL+LSHIFT+L to get a translated screenshot at any time in game. 2. Download this APK file. 3. Install the APK file to your Android device or Bluestacks. 4. You may also want to install APKPure to keep the game up-to-date. Alternatively you can download the APK here as wel
  4. .hack//GU characters make an appearance in the BandaiNamco mobile game Tales of the Rays Fairy's Requiem.
  5. In the past we ran a successful weekly trivia night over on our Discord server. Alas however, our bot discordred is no longer compatible and the trivia cog on the latest made a change that doesn't currently allow custom questions. So here they are, our previous trivia night questions and answers separated by ` in their original text files if you wish to save and ask and stump your friends on .hack lore and trivia. gaspard.txt gu.txt hm.txt hm2.txt imoq.txt main.txt mako3.txt makoto.txt makoto2.txt music.txt novels.txt saika.txt vallen.txt whos.txt
  6. A few years back I saw these gachapon figurines all over ebay for $20 USD for all 3 on a regular basis. Lately they are hardly around. Here's a link to the website on the card they came with. http://dot-hack.co.kr/
  7. For dothack day on August 9th, we planned a livestream talk about collecting. However my participation and hosting duties was last minute, my audio check was sub par, however my guests in the call are superb! You can listen here on our YouTube channel.
  8. under construction, reserved for troubleshoot support including error code 1001 and 6000
  9. under construction, reserved for tutorial getting from main menu to root town online, adding friends, trading
  10. under construction, reserved for setting up controllers, keyboards, ` language select, shortcuts, overlays
  11. However you managed to get the game running and online, remember that most of the game is still in Japanese. There are basic bits that are in English that will help you through. Though English may not be your first language, or the parts in Japanese may be confusing. Most of the dialogue for the offline mode is in Japanese. The menus, items, status, skills, etc... are semi-translated in English. It's enough to get around in the game. However there may be parts where you need help, finding a community is your best bet to getting the help you need be it things you don't understand, stuck on a st
  12. Below we are going to discuss how to get the game running on an authentic PS2 console, get your PS2 memory card formatted for online play in-game, and running the ELF file to start the game properly. Playstation 2 Setup Guide Decide which method you will softmod or hardmod your Playstation 2, even if you are running on an original Japanese PS2. The Japanese PS2 will load the game fine, but the game won't point to the new static IP. Therefore you will still need to mod your PS2. a. OPL stands for Open Playstation2 Loader, you can acquire it here: https://github.com/ps
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