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Decipher Game Management Authority, abbreviated hereon in as DGMA, was the official tournament organizers for Decipher Inc. based games, including .hack//ENEMY the TCG in North America in 2003-2004 throughout the United States of America. The tier of their tournament's are as follows:

  • Pre-Release Tournament
  • Premier Player
  • Territorial Open
  • World Cup
  • Continental Championships
  • World Championship

These tournaments were mostly handled by the Decipher staff with Dan Bojanowski (dan.bojanowski@dgma.com) handling the Ratings, Judge Certification, and Prize Support.

And by Trevor McGregor (trevor.mcgregor@dgma.com) who handled the Tournaments & Events.

You as a player would first find a tournament nearby by going to decipher.fanhq.com/tournaments on their website.

You'd have to print off your player ID, this would be your tournament ticket, from the website. Walk-in's were permitted, you just could not increase your online rating or receive online prizes.

When you arrived at the event, you'd have to fill out your scorecard and hand it in to your tournament director.

Play your assigned match and the results recorded on your scorecard and was submitted to the Decipher team to have your rating increased, in the case of .hack//ENEMY however your Level Up! system to receive a Level Up! prize.

Other things of note was the banned card list, these were not allowed to be played for Constructed Deck tournaments but could be played for Sealed Deck and Booster Draft tournaments.

  • Coma (1T1)
  • Corrupted Field (1T2)
  • Hidden, Forbidden, Holy Ground (2P3)
  • Scorpion Tank (1 C 34)
  • Squilla Demon (1 S 118)
  • Scorpioid (2 R 96)


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