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While playing .hack//fragment, you might run into an NPC stationed near the Chaos Gate while playing in Online Mode. These are NPC Timed Events that originally took place during a Japanese holiday. They can still be triggered today randomly.

  • 2005/12/25 Christmas Event
  • 2005/12/31 New Year's Eve Event
  • 2006/01/01 New Year's Day Event
  • 2006/02/03 Setsubun Event
  • 2006/02/13 Valentine's Day Event
  • 2006/03/15 Cherry-blossom Viewing Event
  • 2006/07/07 Tanabata Event
  • 2006/08/07 Obon Event
  • 2006/09/28 PC Day Event
  • 2006/10/09 Health and Sports Day Event
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