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Upscaling .hack//fragment with Texture Replacers


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Sky Silverwing was working on mixing the HD Texture Replacers and by tweaking PCSX2's graphics rendering and has achieved some impressive changes. You can use the slider at Juxtapose to compare the differences.


Here are some examples well from screenshots I've taken.





While on the same subject, did you know at the start of the game at the green screen with the three menus, the three blue gems beside Offline, Online, Area Server there's a little PS2 and PC model?


Offline gem is a single PS2 unit


Online gem is two PS2's connected together

Area Server gem is a PC case, monitor, and keyboard


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I've personally been using these settings on my PCSX2 emulator graphics rendering tab.


This is based on the intent to upscale the included textures without replacing them, and keeping it so the game is still playable because I play on a machine built from 2014. Do note that your "Adapter" will differ from mine. Make sure you choose your graphics card here, do not use the default setting.

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