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.hack//fragment On A Physical PlayStation 2


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It is still technically possible to play .hack//fragment on a Sony Playstation 2, but not so much right out of the box for a few reasons. First and foremost, region-locking plays a big role in why you can't take a Japanese NTSC-J PS2 DVD game disc and stick it in a North American NTSC-U/C PS2 console. By doing so will result in the red screen error message.

So how can you play .hack//fragment on a physical PS2?

Easiest method would be using a Japanese NTSC-J PS2 console for that Japanese NTSC-J PS2 DVD game disc. But you may have some issues with the power, since the plug included, as well as voltage difference. But this will only let you get the disc to load and be able to go far as to play in Offline (Story) Mode. You won't be able to go online because the PS2 game disc is set to point to a discontinued lobby server.

A more realistic approach would be to use FMCB (free memory card boot) memory card. This "hacked" memory card allows the memory card to load special (elf) programs from your PS2 dashboard, one of which is called Open Playstation Loader or OPL. You can get a FMCB a variety of ways either by purchase or creating your own through another exploit such as Free DVD Boot. Since OPL lets you load ISO files in place of PS2 game discs, you can put a patched .hack//fragment on a USB, plug that into your PS2, launch OPL and load from the USB to play.

Here's some examples.

PS2 Slim .hack//fragment through OPL on FMCB

PS2 Phat (fat) .hack//fragment through OPL on FMCB


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