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Xbox One Controller Buttons on PCSX2 1.7


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PCSX2 allows for you to use any USB (or bluetooth) connected device as a controller to play emulated PS2 games. An original PS2 controller with a PS2-to-USB dongle, a PS3 controller connected via USB cable, PS4 controller via USB or bluetooth, Xbox 360 controller connected via USB or special Xbox 360 wireless adapter, Xbox One controller connected via USB or special Xbox One wireless adapter (or models 1708 for bluetooth), even the Nintendo Switch Joycons can be used as a controller with the right plugins.

But whatever you decide to use, in-game the buttons will always be PS2 buttons on screen. So how do you replace those buttons with the controller you are using? With PCSX2 1.7 nightly you have the options of texture replacers. Simply by enabling this in the graphics tab, you can have PNG files from a directory to be used to replace in-game textures to achieve something like this if you are playing using an Xbox One controller like myself.


Here we see ABXY instead of triangle, square, circle, cross.

After enabling texture replacers in the emulator settings by checking the box for Dump Textures and Load Textures, go to your PCSX2 1.7 nightly install (or protable) directory and follow this path:

  • textures\SLPS-25527\dumps

in here you'll want find the following 256x256 PNG file

  • fb2846262c0025d2-4aada5fc6531cff0-00006213.png

Open up your image editor and remove the existing controller buttons and replace it with these.


You'll notice the PNG from the dump folder are upside down, these replacements were made upside down intentionally. Then be sure to save this modified file and place it here

  • textures\SLPS-25527\replacements

And you should achieve the same result. You can obviously of course replace the icons with whatever letter/symbol you want to match your controller of choice.

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