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Playing .hack//fragment on a Xbox One & Series S|X


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It is possible to play online with .hack//fragment on an Xbox One or Series S|X. Check out the video below (links will be in the video description) by TOMKAT-360 that's setting up for SOCOM, but this setup works for any PS2 online game. You'll need to install one of the PS2 Emulators for Xbox One or Series S|X, make sure you install the right one for the right console.


It will require an FTP program to transfer files between your PC and console. After which once you completed all the steps, load up the .hack//fragment disc image in the emulator, go into Online mode, then select Edit, and follow the steps as normal.

I haven't followed these steps on my own console since I only play on PC, but if you have, let me know in the comments below.

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