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Well Water, Pure Water, Burning Oil, Holy Sap, Sports Drink, Cooked Bile


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If you are looking for these items, they exist in dungeons only. Particularly breakable objects like skeletons, pots, crates, eggs, etc... Each item corresponds to a particular element type. And the purpose of these items are really essential when it comes NPC trades.

Well Water
Temporary increase in target's Earth Element. Breakable Objects in
Earth Type Dungeons
Pure Water
Temporary increase in target's Water Element. Breakable Objects in
Water Type Dungeons
Burning Oil
Temporary increase in target's Fire Element. Breakable Objects in
Fire Type Dungeons
Holy Sap
Temporary increase in target's Wood Element. Breakable Objects in
Wood Type Dungeons
Sports Drink
Temporary increase in target's Thunder Element. Breakable Objects in
Thunder Type Dungeons
Cooked Bile
Temporary increase in target's Darkness Element. Breakable Objects in
Darkness Type Dungeons

The best strategy is to find a room in a dungeon that has a lot of breakable objects, and just spam entering/leaving that room to get large quantities of said item.

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