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Guild Seal aka Guild Certificate Key Item


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This is an essential item for the online mode of the game to create your very own guild. Otherwise without it you can only join an existing player created guild. This item item is dropped from chests, usually the end chest at the Gott Statue. There's one server in particular that is well known to farm to get this item. The original Crab Server area server save file that Crab General kept since 2005 has been well documented that these 3 fields/dungeons have a higher chance of dropping the key item Guild Seal.

Level 25

鼻曲がる, 潮招き, の 天ぷら


Level 51

共鳴する, 高脚蟹の, 蟹道楽


Level 68

共鳴する, 蟹 チ, ャーハン


You'll notice the keywords are in Japanese. That's because the area server save file stores the keywords created by area server owner. Regardless if you have a translated .hack//fragment disc, these keywords will still be in Japanese. There was one area server that used Crab Server's save file and had it translated called Shrimp Server.

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