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Getting Data Drain, Drain Arc, 2128 Drain, Drain Heart


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When playing .hack, there's a special skill that you the main character have whether it's .hack//Infection, .hack//fragment, and .hack//G.U. called "Data Drain". This special skill removes the data bug textures from normal monsters after hitting the monster enough times that protection break appears. At this time you strike the enemy with your special skill data drain to have the monster replaced with a level 1 monster and the chance to obtain an item or virus core during the process.


In .hack//fragment the way your character can get the skill is by doing the second tutorial in the offline mode with Mia. You are given and taught how to use it. You can not get this skill from online mode, however you can use it online mode. So it's entirely possible to build a character without data drain if you do not complete the second tutorial in offline mode. The special skill data drain evolves after repeated use just like in .hack//Infection starting with:

  • Data Drain
  • Drain Arc
  • 2128 Drain
  • Drain Heart

Each skill has a different feature given to it starting with the basic data drain which attacks 1 monster, drain arc which attacks multiple monsters, 2128 drain which gives you the chance for a rare item, and drain heart which attacks multiple monsters for the chance of rare items.

When it happens you'll see the message !!! The bracelet is shining!! after had used data drain, while still in combat.



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