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Yoshiyuki Sadamoto Notice & Flier


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Found these item accompanied with the .hack Mistral mousepad, translations as follows.



Character Design
Yoshiyuki Sadamoto x Kazunori Ito x Koichi Mashita
*Comics start!!
Yoshiyuki Sadamoto's new project ".hack" was first published in the previous issue.
New information has been brought to this mysterious project. Yoshiyuki Sadamoto's new character design and "The World" be. What is "The
World" in the chaotic near future? What is the relationship between "The World" and Sadamoto's character? And what is the whole picture
of this project? The first issue of Shonen Ace finally previews one direction of this project, a comic series. will be done.
".hack" original mouse pad gift for 1100 people!!!
We will be giving away an original mouse bat designed by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, which was distributed for a limited time at the
``Tokyo Game Show 2001 Autumn'' held in October, to 100 people in a lottery. This is a limited edition item that is not for
sale, so you can get a rare item that you can't get now!
●Application rules
Yoshiyuki Sadamoto × Kazunori
Ito × 2 http://www.hack.channel.or.jp
Please attach the application ticket below to a government postcard and send it to the address below, clearly indicating ① zip code ② address name age 5
phone number. The deadline is December 26th (Wednesday). Winners must be postmarked on that day. Winners will be announced in the April issue of Ace magazine.
102-8078 Kadokawa Shoten Shonen Ace January issue “.hack” Presenter
*Due to the Fair Competition Rules of the magazine, those who win this sweepstakes may not be able to win other sweepstakes in this issue.
*Entries without an application ticket attached will be invalid.


Notice of prize winning!!
Thank you for reading Monthly Shonen Ace.
We would also like to thank you for applying for the Shonen Ace
January 2002 issue, ``.hack'' Original Mouse Pad Present.
As a result of the lottery from a large number of applications, you have been selected
and we will send you the prize.
Thank you for your continued support of Monthly Shonen Ace.
Kadokawa Shoten Co., Ltd. Anime Comic Division
Shonen Ace Editorial Department

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