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Playing .hack//LINK Audio, SFX, and Voices


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There's a bit of a process to get down into the games files to find the ones responsible for all the game's sounds and spoken lines.

First you'll need to extract the ISO from the game's UMD disc through a custom firmware Sony PSP.

Then open that ISO with a file archiver such as 7zip.

Next locate data.cpk in the PSP_GAME\USRDIR\ folder.


Copy this file onto your desktop.

Download CriPakGUI from Github and launch the program.

Go to File > Open CPK and locate the data.cpk file from your desktop.


Then click on Extract Files and pick a folder to extract all these files to.

The audio files are in the sound/ directory that you just extracted and each .afs is an archive of even more archived .afs files.

For this, we'll be extracting the evvoice.afs and the plvoice.afs from the sound/ directory.

Download PuyoTools from Github and launch the program.

Go to Archive > Explorer, a new window will popup and go to File > Open.

Choose the plvoice.afs from the sound/ directory.


Go to Extract > Extract All and choose a location where to put the next set of files; or you can double-click an .afs file to see the contents from here.

In the end you'll want to get down to the .ahx files, the .ahx files are the actual sound files we need. All the .afs files up until now have been archives of files.

Download either ADX Tools if you just want to hear the .ahx files or download ahx2wav from Github if you want to convert the .ahx files to a .wave audio format.

Using ADX Tools, click on the folder icon on the right to find the .ahx files you want to play.


You can load multiple files, but click on the file in the filelist and press Play below to listen to the audio.

Remember, .hack//LINK is a Japanese name and all it's spoken lines are recorded in Japanese.

But there you have it, your chance to load and listen to any of the audio from .hack//LINK!

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