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In .hack//IMOQ there's a few characters who's appearance changes whether from early development to final development or changes like the English localization. The late game character Terajima Ryoko from .hack//Outbreak fits in both categories.


Many of you might remember such as this.

But let's take a look at how she was depicted in the game files from the Japanese version of .hack//Infection and to the final version used in the English .hack//Quarantine.

The images on the left are from the Japanese .hack//Infection and the images on the right are from the English .hack//Quarantine.

The face

1238958584079847494.png 1238958638043893832.webp

The halo

1238959060913492029.png 1238959096267538593.png

The neckline

1238959196242968759.png 1238959213842141265.png

The side of the head

1238959971933098186.png 1238959972331814932.png

As you can see quite a few changes. The neckline in particular had the Ankh cross replaced with a medallion, most likely due to censorship.

Overall the whole face and head definitely changed the most with the eye shape, lips and gloss, chin shape, forehead medallion, bangs, hair shape and hair texture, head shape.


Though the concept we do see, was actually printed in the books beforehand as well.

But what do you think? you prefer the original design or the revised final version?

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