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An interesting name to a predominately East coast liquidation store, this place since Fall 2022 has been selling old back stock of .hack//ENEMY super cheap at their store locations. They can be found anywhere in the store, most notably have been seen on endcaps (the end part of an aisle), in the kids toy section, or just random on a shelf in the store. Usually boxes and boxes of the big display booster boxes, sealed, can be found for $9.99. That's 30 booster packs in each box, and each booster pack is 11 cards each, that's 330 cards for $9.99 USD.


You can even find starter deck display boxes, sealed, for the same price of $9.99 USD or $2.99 USD for each starter pack. The problem with starter decks however is that they are pre-constructed (precon). Meaning every sealed starter deck has the same exact cards as any other starter deck box. But unlike the booster packs, the starter decks do include a playmat and the game rules.


Though these can be read and printed from our site.

Also the vast majority of the Booster display boxes and the Starter display boxes all seem to be from the 2nd series of the 5 series of .hack//ENEMY known as Distortion. The series was released in this order with Contagion, Distortion, Epidemic, Isolation, and finally Breakout.

There has been some sightings of other packs/decks including Contagion also found at Ollie's for the same price. But none of the series series of .hack//ENEMY has been spotted yet. So if you see the face of Sanjuro or Terjima Ryoko on a black box at Ollie's, chances are you found a sealed display box of Distortion. If you happen to see Kite or Blackrose, then you found Contagion.

Since Fall of 2022, the reseller market has been flooded with sealed Distortion display boxes going from $9.99 listed as $20, $30, $50, even past $100 per sealed display box. These people obviously preying on nostalgia and gullible buyers, full knowing they spent $9.99 themselves, probably spent up to $100 on a visit to Ollie's and flipping them for $100 each and making a profit of $900 from their $100 investment. So watch out!

Your best bet is to go to Hill's Wholesale Gaming and spending $5 more than Ollie's for a sealed display pack for $15 USD if you don't live near an Ollie's Bargain Outlet Store.


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