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Rena Body Pillow (Dakimakura)


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So back in March 2003, there was an issue of Comptiq magazine (issue 255) that had a two page spread of official licensed merch they were selling from their K-Order website, the official Kadokawa online store.

One thing of note on the two page spread was a Rena body pillow, often times called a dakimakura.


So what we know translated this says it is 130cm tall by 50cm wide (or 51 inches by 20 inches) and made of cotton, it comes with both the pillow case and the pillow, you can not just buy the case. The price for one set is ¥16,000 JPY in 2003 money, which would have been around $130 USD in 2003 money.

That's all we gather from the article listing in the magazine. The magazine does have a link to their website at iorder.jp for making a purchase. These are links using archive.org so that you may view for yourself.



So once again we are treated to the image, do note that this image they use is from the first volume of the manga .hack//Legend of the Twilight in the first few pages before the first chapter.


They list the item's illustration as number kh001, don't think that's a product code though.


What is interesting is that they changed the materials used from the listing in the magazine as cotton, to now being made of polyester. Uncertain if this may mean the pillow is made of polyester and the case is cotton, or if the case is polyester.

And it is possible the ad got ahead of the product page when it comes to the materials decided.


From this page they list the item as product code korder191, the price has the tax included, but there is a domestic shipping fee of 500 JPY. But it does say the product design may differ. I've yet to see anyone since 2003 show a picture of this body pillow in their collection.


Another interesting tidbit was that you could order up to 10 body pillows at a time.

Other than that, this is all we know. The first and last .hack dakimakura (anime body pillow).

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