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Decipher Uses Uncensored Japan .hack//Infection PNG's


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A user had showed their love for a particular data drained monster, Flamer. When a magic humanoid is data drained they appear as a little child in the Japanese version of .hack//Infection, however in the US version of .hack//Infection they appear as a child cat. Most likely to prevent the depiction of child abuse for censorship.

But even Chuck Kallenbach, the lead game designer for .hack//ENEMY from Decipher, stated they never even seen the US changes. Instead they were given PNG assets from Bandai of Japan.


I’ve never seen these alternate versions. All we had was what we used. They supplied the images for cards like this, like a PNG file with no background.

Here's those differences seen between the two regions.

image.png image.png

image.png image.png

But this doesn't apply to just Flamer, this also applies to bird type monsters data drained into Pippy.

Japanese on the left, US on the right.

image.png image.png

image.png image.png

Clearly going from a little naked child, to a snake like monster.


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