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Mistral's Husband

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In the light novel .hack//Another Birth volume 4, Mistral talks about her husband

Page 145


Black Rose: "Well, it's Christmas Eve, you know"

Mistral: "My husband is a security guard."

Mistral: "Guard work is irregular, He couldn't the day off today."


Page 199


Black Rose: "What happened to your husband? You said in your e-mail that he got inured."

Mistral: "Apparently he got beaten up by two young girls and some man."

Mistral: "What's more, the guy, even though it was winter, was wearing a Hawaiian shirt."


We definitely are familiar with a man in a Hawaiian shirt (Junichiro Tokuoka) and two young girls (Mai and Yuki) but she doesn't make any mention of an older woman (Kyoko), and some security guards getting butts kicked.

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